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How To: Sewing Ribbons Onto Ballet Shoes


What you will need:

  • Ballet shoes
  • Ballet ribbon
  • Needle and thread (the Stitch Kit is particularly good as it is a waxed thread therefore it doesn’t break & doesn’t slip)
  • Scissors


Preparing and sewing ribbons onto ballet shoes:

  1. Prepare ribbons by lightly melting the ends so they don’t fray with matches. (Be sure not to get soot on them)
  2. Fold the back of the shoe in, where the back of your heel would sit.
  3. Use the angle of the fold to guide where the ribbon will be placed.
  4. Place the back edge of the ribbon along the fold (on the inside of the shoe) and pin in place
  5. Check the position of ribbons is correct by putting the shoe on (be careful of the pins!). Place the foot flat and on the rise to demi to test the positioning by pulling the ribbons to check that the satin is held flat and not puckering.
  6. Once the placement is right you can start sewing the ribbons on. Sew small stitches all the way around the 4 edges of the ribbon, making a rectangle.
  7. Make sure you do not go all the way through the leather, but just catch a few threads of the canvas inside the shoe. You should not be able to see the stitches from the outside of the shoe.