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Stay Warm In Winter

With the winter months now upon us it is so important for dancers to stay warm not just during class but before and after as well. The following blog has been compiled in the hope of educating our dancers a little as well as giving some suggestions for staying warm this winter!

During winter months muscles contract when out in the cold as a way to keep your body warm, so when heading to and from dancing it important to layer up.

Start simply with your base dance clothes of a leotard and stockings.

From here add a jumper or a cross over, something that is going to still allow a full range of motion when dancing (we've included a couple of examples here!).

From here add leg warmers, dance pants and your warm up booties!!


When heading into class make sure you spend time on warming up your muscles, it is important to let those muscles stretch out so that injury is prevented. During class be careful not to let yourself overheat. As you naturally begin to warm up during class simply strip off those extra layers, but don't forget to bundle back up when you finish class for the evening!

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