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Preparing For Your Concert

With exams and eisteddfods now over for the year it's finally time to turn to concert season! The end of year concert is one of the most eagerly awaited times of year, the time for our gorgeous dancers to show off all the hard work and practice that they have put in during the year. As you can imagine inevitably there are a million things to think about heading towards performance day, and if there ever was a day that we needed Mary Poppins' magical handbag it would be concert day!
Given that's not quite possible, we've put together a guide for getting concert ready, so that you'll be 100% ready to storm that stage with confidence!


Lets start with the warm up!
It's so important to be able to be at your absolute best on concert day, and making sure that your moment on stage isn't hindered by tight muscles or a nasty foot cramp is essential. So why not add an exercise to your bag and get those flexes and pointes going during the warm up.
Adding a magnesium gel will provide that added boost for any cramping muscles and team that with a healing ball or a textured foam roller and you will be ready to head back onto that stage!
Always pack a spare!

 This should be the motto of all dancers and dance parents on concert day! Even your most trusted, go-to tights may defy the odds and run a ladder or hole when you least expect it. So, always make sure you have spares!! Double your supply of stockings (especially fishnets) before showtime that way you will be prepared should anything go wrong!

This rule should also apply to any of your basic items, include a spare leotard or shorts just in case anything should happen.
Up next undergarments.
Whether male or female having the right undergarments could make or break a costume, and boys don't forget your dance belt, these items will all add that extra level of comfort and support. Remember stage lights have a habit of turning even the most solid of fabrics sheer, so to avoid any unwanted mishaps why not add a body stocking to your dance bag.
The hair kit.

Keeping your trusty hair kit packed and ready to go will aid you in maintaining that perfect stage presentation. The must haves include a hairbrush, comb, ripple pins, hair ties, nets, and of course copious amounts of hair spray. If you need a bit of a helping hand creating that perfect ballet bun why not try a donut or the incredible magic bun maker! And don't forget an accessories case to keep you kit organised and together!

Let's put a face on!

It can be either the most therapeutic time or the most streussful to apply the perfect face of make up to hit the stage. Make sure you include a spill-proof make up bag, add in your foundation, powder, blush, luminiser, eye shadows, mascara, eye liner and lipstick, brushes and also add in those trusty make up wipes or remover cloth. You could even add in a bit of glitter if your teacher allows.


Now for those final items!

Make sure that your shoes are clean and fresh this includes making sure your pointe shoes have enough life left in them to get through these final performances. Make sure you check that all of your costumes and clear and secure, and maybe even place them in a garment bag or tutu bag for that extra level of safety.


And finally always remember to smile and have fun!


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