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Our Experience Pointe Shoes

Each of us here at Showtime has experienced pointes shoes during our life times, whether we have worn them or fit them.

Here is a collection of our experience's with pointe shoes.


Nat is our extremely hard working retail manager, she is our go to and can solve any issue you throw at her.

Many years ago when I was a dancer it was my dream to get my first pair of pointe shoes  (which I still have) and when that time came it was a little different to how things are now. It took a lot of hard work, a special trip to the city and there wasn't the sort of ouch pouches that are available now. Our feet certainly didn't get the special attention that they do now. Now I have a daughter that dancers and when she got her first pair of pointe shoes it was an enjoyable experience to see how excited she was and see her go through a similar experience.. the hard work and dedication it takes to work those feet in  her shoes to make pointe look effortless. As she doesn't have naturally bendy feet it did take a little longer for her to get where she is today.. Watching dancers on stage on pointe is one of the most amazing and rewarding things to see.. 



Kelly is our newest senior team member, as you will realise when you read below her passion for pointe shoes runs deep.

It’s been about 26 years since I was last in a pair of pointe shoes and how things have changed. I remember my trip into Brisbane City and yes as excited as the beautiful dancers of today. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting once I had these shoes on my feet in class. I had only seen them as beauty on the older girls I use to watch. The pain and hard work that came along with my new shoes was beyond what I had ever expected. Back in my day (hehe) we had to scrub our feet with a scrubbing brush and metho to harden our feet as there wasn’t amazing ouch pouches like today. I however wouldn’t change a thing. To perform in a beautiful tutu and pointe shoes was a little girls dream come true.  Then to be a mum of a dancer was a whole new ballgame. The admiration for my dancer was like nothing I had ever experienced. I knew the hard work that was required to look beautiful on stage. Many tears were shed watching her perform on pointe and sewing ribbons on pointe shoe. I’m so glad dancing has been apart of both our lives.



Next up is our marketing and events coordinator Jessie, who has over 13 years of pointe shoe experience.

I started my pointe journey at 13/14. I wasn't blessed with the strongest ankles and had to work really hard to earn my first pair of pointe shoes. Having to watch other people around me be ready for their first pair was extremely frustrating for me and as a result I worked harder just so I could finally achieve the dream. I've spent the better part of the last 13 years on and off of pointe shoes and despite a brief sojourn into Sansha I have pretty much been a Bloch girl from the beginning, starting in a Serenade and finishing up in my all time favourite Sylphide. I got to live out my dream of dancing on pointe and now I get the chance to fit the gorgeous young girls in our dance community for their very first pointe shoes. It's something that brings so much joy to my life and getting to see that reflected in these young girls is just beyond incredible. 




Bliss is one of our senior team, and believe it or not she is currently our longest serving employee at Showtime!

My pointe experience started all very quickly for me. I have always done a little bit of dancing throughout my whole life although it was all for a bit of fun, on and off, and trying just about all the genres out there. I had never enjoyed ballet and certainly never imagined that I would go very far in it. When I joined at my current studio back in 2014, all my dance friends were doing regular classes of ballet and me with a serious case of FOMO, begged my mum to join the following year (despite both myself and my mum knowing I hated it) After only 1 year of regular ballet classes I was invited to join the world of pointe at age 12. From that point on, I really started to enjoy the world of ballet and actually looked forward to my weekly ballet/pointe classes. Starting off in an Energetiks Topaz, to then moving along into an Energetiks Almaz. My last shoe was the Grishko 2007’s and although they are definitely more work, I absolutely loved them. Having the opportunity to dance en pointe has opened my eyes up to the benefits of ballet and has opened so many doors to performances, photoshoots and so much more.



Portia is another of our junior team members, Portia is someone who can go through a pair of pointe shoes in an hour lesson.

For me, I have wanted to become a ballerina since day dot. But never knew how hard it would be. First it was learning how to stand in first position at the barre, then it was how to do a pirouette, then how to dance on demi pointes, and finally pointe shoes. How to rise, how to relevé, how to do an arabesque, how to balance, how to turn and how to jump, but most importantly how to trust your shoe. To me, being able to trust that my shoe can do its job and do it perfectly is the most important thing. Having had experience with shoes snapping mid performance, exam and class, it has opened me to risk of suddenly being held by the shoe and then unexpectedly, not. For me finding the ‘perfect’ pair of pointe shoes is ongoing, but having had a few good ones like Energetiks Almaz and Feed of London, I know the moment when your dancing and everything is perfect. However, it is because of the constant extra studio hours I put in on top of my Advanced 2 classes, that these moments can happen. To trust your pointe shoe, means you first have to trust your knees are always straightened, your foot is always pointed, you don’t cheat your turn out, you use your feet and your plié, you hold your upper body and your feet are strong enough to do what you’re making them. And this doesn’t come without practice. Pointe though it looks so pretty and easy, takes a lot of work to make safe and correct. But once, you can trust your body to do what you’ve trained it to, your pointe shoes are the added extra that makes the whole performance sparkle.



Lily is a pocket rocket, a senior team member with Showtime, she has tested a few different styles in her experience with pointe shoes.

The day came that every little girl ballerina dream of. I was old enough to get my very own pair of point shoes. I used to wear mum’s old shoes around the house and couldn’t wait to have my own. I was in grade 7 around about 13 years of age. I went into in to Showtime to be fitted for my first pointe shoes. I started out in Bloch (Hanna’s) and I loved them. As a dancer on pointe, most of us go through multiple kinds of shoes to find just the right one that are best for our feet. I didn’t stay in Bloch, I went to energetics tried a few styles but, in the end, I went back to my trusty old Bloch shoes, this time Whispers. The first class on pointe all seemed so exciting, my best friend and I got to start this journey together. Not too long after starting pointe work did, I realise just how hard it really is. They make it look so easy right! I found pointe work rather challenging as I don’t have the most natural arch in my feet making pointe work even more difficult than it already was. I kept at it, determined to be just as good as everyone else. Finely, I did it and I found the right pair of shoes that allowed me to reach my full pointe shoe potential. How exciting that was.


<3 Team Showtime


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