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Our Favourite Dance Movies!

Everyone has a favourite dance movie!

Below we have compiled all of our all time favourite dance movies!


Dirty Dancing

One of my all-time favourite movies is Dirty Dancing which I have watched that many times I’ve lost count. Every time I watch this movie it makes me want to get up and dance and even thought about learning Latin dancing. It’s one of those feel good movies watching someone who can’t dance learn the steps and eventually practice hard enough to perform on a stage in front of crowd. You know it wasn’t perfect and she made a few mistakes, didn’t do the lift, but that fact that she was doing this to help a friend out made it all ok. And of course, the best part of the movie is the end where she gets too dance again, this time with so much confidence and she does the lift. Makes me smile and cry every time.



Step Up 2

I have a few dance movies that I absolutely love, but one of my favourites to watch is Step Up 2. It's a movie that I feel like I've watched a thousand times, but I enjoy it because it covers such a range of styles of dance. From ballet and hip hop to latin styles it has something for everyone and it keeps you engaged right from the beginning to the end. This movie takes you through some of the inner workings of a prestigious art college as well as venturing into the hip hop battle world. Easily my favourite character is Moose, and my favourite scene in the movie isn't the final dance, though that is pretty epic. My favourite scene in the movie is when Moose freestyles on the steps, its fun and energetic and so in the moment that it makes me smile every time I watch it. It's one of those movies that always brings me joy to watch it as you can escape into a world different from your own. 



First Position


My favourite dance movie would probably have to be ‘First Position’. Technically it is a documentary, but I surprisingly haven’t watched a lot of dance movies in my lifetime. I personally find it super interesting watching different people’s stories and seeing where they came from to then becoming an elite dancer. The documentary does a great job at opening up people’s eyes to the tough and competitive world of ballet and highlights the highs and the lows aspiring ballerinas and danseurs endure just to secure a spot in a ballet company. It’s also really fascinating now, 9 years on from when the movie was made, to see what those dancers are doing now. It’s a great watch and would recommend it everyone, even those who don’t dance!



Centre Stage

Sometimes being a dancer, it feels like I’m living in a dance movie. My favourite dance related movie is Centre Stage. It is about a group of teens from various backgrounds that enrol at a dance academy to make it as professional ballet dancers. With their futures on the line, conflicts result in jealous backstabbing and heartbreak. I enjoy this movie as it seems to reflect a very real and similar story line as to how the real dance world is portrayed. The gross feet from pointe work, the ever-lasting friendships, the competitions and the fun and joy that all comes with being a dancer.  The lead character Jody is trying out for the American Ballet Academy. She dances her heart out as she overheard one of the teachers say, “Not enough turn out, bad feet!”. This is just another representation of the challenges that dancers face. In the end Jody works hard and proves herself to everyone. She dances on the big stage and everyone can see that hard work really does pay off.  

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