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Let's Talk About Ballet Shoes


Here at Showtime we cater for a range of different skill levels with our ballet shoes. This blog will take you through some of the options we have for your children!

Find our video explanation here on our YouTube channel!



The Bloch Dansoft is one of our most popular styles and is a perfect beginner shoe for toddlers and junior students.
An ideal student ballet shoe with a full sole and pre-sewn elastic over the instep for immediate use.
It has a strong yet flexible leather upper and cotton lining.

'A' grade leather - Ideal for all floor surfaces and wears well.
Full suede sole - For extra resistance to promote stronger foot muscles. Ideal for beginners.
Available in four widths - Versatile widths to achieve a better fit.
Pre-sewn elastic strap - For immediate use.



Another amazing beginner shoe, the Energetiks Full Sole Ballet Shoe is designed to build strength and offer the support young dancers need. 

Why you'll love it: 
Supple, durable leather for long-lasting wear 
Pre-attached elastic over instep 
Enhanced aesthetic line and elastic drawstring for a supportive fit 
Perfect for ballet class to build technique 
Available in Pink, Black or White
All sizes are available in 4 widths, from narrowest to widest: A, B, C, D 
Proudly designed in Australia.


The Bloch Prolite II is our next step up, perfect for intermediate or senior students.
This split sole ballet shoe with tapered toe uses a premium 'AAA' grade leather upper offering abrasive resistance, whilst a thin cotton drawstring adjusts the upper to the foot.
An original T split-sole design with teardrop shaped outsole pads gives better foot articulation and movement.
A cotton lining offers breathability and the soft thin suede sock adds additional comfort.
Elastics are provided, they do not come pre-attached.
NOW AVAILABLE in theatrical pink to match the theatrical pink of our ballet tights.

High 'AAA' grade soft premium leather upper - Abrasive resistance for longer wearing
Split sole construction - For better arch and flexibility
Suede leather sock - Offers a firmer grip inside the shoe
Available in four widths - Versatile widths to achieve a better fit
Cotton lining - For breathing and absorbency
If you are needing a little extra support from your ballet shoes then look no further than our range of MDM Dancewear Ballet Shoes.

MDM offers a range of ballet shoes in leather, canvas and stretch canvas in both a full or split sole.

The MDM hybrid sole has a split sole outside appearance combined with the functional resistance of a full sole.

With the built in Dance Base Support, the ballet shoes protect and support the wearer providing sensory feedback (proprioception), controlled resistance and critical shock absorption.

It supports the foot and arch and allows the intrinsic muscles to recover when at rest.



For performance you should look no further than the Capezio Hanami or Juliet.

Our best-selling Hanami Ballet Shoes are unlike any ballet slippers you have ever worn.

This split-sole shoe is made of high quality canvas material that stretches and really clings to your foot for a true second skin fit.

The incredible, buttery soft lining provides comfort beyond your expectations.

No drawstrings erase any worry of the ballet shoe coming undone.

Slip it on and glide freely across the dance floor.

Product Features:

4 way stretch canvas upper.
U neck with streamlined fitting designed to reflect the contours of the foot.
Suede sole patches.
Polyester and cotton lining.
Extremely flat pleats.
No drawstring.
Pre-attached criss-cross elastics.

Arabesque like the pros in the Leather Juliet Ballet Shoe.

The unique sculpted arch improves pointing and flexing with ease.

Features durable leather and pre-attached criss-cross elastics for a secure fit.

This ballet slipper is a first rate choice for dancers with narrow feet.

Snug yet flexible for extra control on stage.

Product Features:

Constructed of soft leather
Leather upper
Split-sole with patented diamond gusset creates a seamless, sculpted arch
Contoured, durable chrome tanned suede sole patches
Polyester and cotton lining
Hammered pleats for smooth floor contact
Precision trimmed forefoot padding ensures a flat shoe
Bar-tacked elastic drawstring
Pre-attached criss-cross elastics
When preparing to move into Pointe Shoes, the perfect transition shoe is your Demi Pointe. Available in a soft or hard sole, they are the perfect middle ground to begin training your feet for pointe work.

The Demi-pointe is a transitional shoe from the ballet flat to the pointe shoe.

The Demi-pointe is designed to provide the correct amount of resistance for foot and ankle strengthening on preparation for pointe work.

The S0135 Demi pointe has a leather outsole and is made on the same last as the Sylphide pointe shoe.

The generous internal space of the box area allows the foot to be inserted deep into the shoe. The resistance of the leather sole ensures that maximum strength is gained from working in the S0135 Demi-pointe.

Ribbons sold separately

Leather outsole - Encourages the foot to work harder
Sylphide last - Deep and generous box
Wider fitting - Extra width for young and broad feet


The Soft Sole Demi has a soft suede sole and is made on the same last as the Suprima pointe shoe.

This Demi-pointe has a streamlined shape and fits snugly at the heel because of the tapered and narrow last.

The suede sole has a narrow waist and closely mimics the natural contours of the foot staying in close contact with the instep.

This shoe has low cut sides and accentuates the profile of the foot.

Ribbons sold separately

Soft suede sole - Less resistance and hugs the arch when pointing the foot
Suprima last - Snug neat fit with a streamlined look
Low cut sides - Accentuates the profile of the foot
Narrow snug heel - Hugs the heel and reduces creasing
Smaller oval platform - Tapered toe to streamline the foot

Finally we have Pointe Shoes. Here at Showtime we stock Bloch, Energetiks, Grishko and So Danca Pointe Shoes. Each come in a range of styles and strengths to cater for each level of dancer we have here on the Sunshine Coast.
Finding the perfect pointe shoe can be a complicated process, but thanks to the range of options now available it has become easier to find the 'one'.
Images Curtesy of Energetiks

We recommend being professionally fitted before purchasing any pointe shoes.  Only order if you are certain of your exact style, size and width of shoe. 



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