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Glitter & Sparkle in the Ballroom

We all love a little bit of glitz and glamour when we hit the stage! Below we have compiled a collection of our favourite ballroom and latin shoes that will add a little more sparkle to every performance! Each of these shoes is exclusive to our supplier My JuJu Dance Fever! 


The Ladies Red Hot Open Toe Sandal, is a beautifully hand crafted Latin and Argentina tango dance sandal and is exclusive to My JuJu. It is fitted with a 3 inch flared heel to deliver maximum elegance. Three thick straps with diamante finishes enables maximum support and comfort. The vibrant red colour is a must have for all ladies!!


The Ladies Elite Rhinestone High Performance Latin Sandal is built for elite high performance, being a super lightweight shoe for longer lasting performance. It features an ultra flexible sole for maximum flexibility and a t-bar support strap for a stronger hold. This shoe is fitted with a 2.5 inch flared heel and available in both tan and black. 


The Ladies Classic Open Toe Sandal, is a classic style for dance practice, perfect for all genres of social dancing. Fitted with a 1.5 inch junior heel, the t-bar strap sandal is available in both black and silver.

The Ladies Latin High Performance Sandal, is another exclusive to My JuJu, it features an ultra flexible sole, with high arch support to deliver maximum balance and comfort. The 2 way strap design allows for a stronger hold with elegant diamante buckle finishing. Fitted with a 3.3 inch stiletto metallic heel this shoe is perfect for Salsa, Latin, and Ballroom high performance dancing.


The Ladies Latin Shoe, is perfect for social dance with its ultra fine glitter finish. It is tailored with an ankle strap with diamante finish, and fitted with a 2.25 inch thicker Spanish heel for maximum support and stability. Enhanced memory foam gel cushion pads add that extra level of comfort to these stunning shoes!


The Ladies Red Rhinestone Open Toe Sandal, is a classic dance sandal available in both red and black. Featuring a 2.5 inch flared heel for everyday dance, this shoe is perfect for all styles of dance. Ultra soft padding enables you to feel every step and the 2 way ankle strap and peep toe provides better support and protection. 


The Ladies High Performance Sandal, is available is a unique tan and taupe colour with an ultra flexi sole of maximum performance. Fitted with a 2.5 inch flared heel for a elegant finish, the five strap knotted vamp allows for better protection and support. This shoe features a two way fastening strap that allows you to choose your own way of wearing this particular shoe.  


The Ladies High Performance Dance Sandal, is the only competition shoe for current 12 times Australian Latin Champion Elysia Baker! This elite shoe features a 3 inch flared heel for added stability with a 2 way ankle strap to suit your preference. The ultra flexible sole is set to deliver maximum performance for every dance you perform. This shoe is best for high performance Latin styles. 


Now for the Men!!


The Gentlemen's Leather Lace Up Rock & Roll Dance Shoe is a vintage inspired leather soled dance shoe perfect for any surface in door or out. This shoe features a rubber heel which assists in stopping, recommended for Salsa, Rock & Roll, Swing and Social Ballroom dancing!


The Gentlemen's Patent Leather & Glitter Lace Up Rock & Role Dance Shoe, is another vintage inspired shoe and is perfect for Salsa, Rock & Roll, Argentinian Tango, Swing and Social Ballroom dancing! The premium leather sole allows you to wear this particular shoe to indoor and outdoor events with no floor restriction. This shoe features a rubber heel and a memory foam innersole for ultimate comfort.


Finally we have the Gentlemen's Black Leather Standard Lace Up Ballroom Shoe, this shoe is a particular favourite of Formal Australian Ballroom Champion Rhett Salmon for social and practice dancing. The shoe features a genuine leather upper and lace design with a gel cushioned inner sole and impact absorbing cushion on the heel for better performance and comfort. This shoe is perfect for social Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Rock & Roll, Swing, and Jive styles.   



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