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Back To Dance!

Heading back to dance can be both an exciting and daunting task for our dancers so it is vital that we get behind our community to support them as we head into another year of dance.
We have compiled a few easy tips so that you can start the new year organised and ready to go!
1. Prepare your head for the game.
Before the madness begins it is important to mentally prepare yourself for the nightly rehearsals, extra weekend hours as well as fitting in the school work to the schedule. Start the routine early to prepare yourself and children for what is to come especially when committing to your classes and competition work. 
Just take a breath and know that once everything starts back again life is going to get busier, embrace the chaos, double check the dance schedule and get ready to start ferrying your dance loving kids!
2. Be organised.
 Now that you have fully accepted the year ahead it is time to get organised and gather all the essential back to dance supplies.
Firstly locate that all important uniform list from your studio, use this list to highlight any items that may need to be added to your collection or updated. This will include the all important task of checking if leotards, skirts, shorts, stockings and shoes from the previous year still fit! As you would know kids can go through some major growth spurts over the holidays and they may have grown out of last years items.
Once you have your list created, head on in to visit us at Showtime to purchase the items that you are requiring. We recommend not leaving this one to the last minute, as you can imagine it can get pretty busy the closer it gets to the school year starting, so why not take advantage of this quieter period to make your purchases. if your dancer is needing a pointe shoe fitting we do ask that an appointment be made so that we can plan and give your child our undivided attention for that all important fitting!
3. Stay active.
 Everyone that has done experienced a first week back will know just how painful and exhausting it can be. Parents will need to be prepared to have some very mentally and physically tired children upon the return to dance, so to ease the pain encourage kids to stay active over the break. Use the time wisely, go for a walk, a bike ride, a swim at the beach, summer classes, the possibilities are endless. 
4. Take your time. 
It pays to let your body ease back in to it, trying to push yourself too hard in those first few weeks back to lead to extra stress on the body. The year is long it will be filled with classes, rehearsals, eisteddfods and concerts, so take your time and let your body naturally adjust and settle in for another year. You don't want to feel to overwhelmed this early in the year. 
5. Stretch
Inevitably you will be sore, unfortunately there is no way around it after taking a break from your normal active routine. Use some of your down time on holidays to work your muscles everyday to prepare them for your first weeks back. Spend that TV time stretching those muscles, this will reduce stiffness in muscles, decreases your chances of injury and of course this will maintain your hard worked for flexibility! 
6. Fuel up
Maintaining your nutrition will make it easier to return to dance, especially when your schedule starts getting busier. Nutrition will keep your immune system functioning and will give you body the fuel that it needs. Keep healthy foods on hand and when you can plan and shop in advance with your dance schedule in mind. 
Each of these tips can be used to help prepare for the new year of dance. Use these to get yourself ready to go and enjoy another year of amazing dance!
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